How do I start?

Let's connect so I can learn more about your child and see if OT could be a good fit. 

Initial Evaluation

I will administer a formal evaluation through standardized testing, parent interview and/ or clinical observations during a home visit. This assessment may include observation and analysis of your child’s overall strength, handwriting, fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual, and self-help skills based on your concerns. A report will be completed summarizing your child’s strengths and weaknesses, which will be discussed with the family. Through this collaboration, a remediation treatment plan with measurable and functional goals will be developed incorporating developmental concerns based on test scores, in addition to parental concerns and priorities.

Treatment Options

If it is determined that your child will benefit from 1:1 specialized occupational therapy services, I will make a recommendation for the appropriate frequency of sessions to address your child’s goals. Treatment sessions are 50 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of documentation and discussion with the parent to review the session and the home program. I will incorporate a variety of treatment techniques to address concerns unique to your child’s current skill set. Progress summaries will be completed every six months in order to track your child’s growth, in addition to re-assess goals and continued services.

Home programs will be established each session to provide parents with ongoing family education and support in order to facilitate their involvement in practicing strategies throughout the week. This collaboration is critical to maximize your child’s potential and will increase parents’ confidence in using their own natural environment as tools to facilitate such growth.

School visits may also be necessary and part of the therapy process in order to support your child’s development in all learning and social environments.